For Us Old Farts It’s The 60’s All Over Again

Well if you live in the United States of America you have no doubt heard that the recreational use of marijuana has been legalized in both Colorado and Washington State. I live in the latter. Though there are no retail stores in Washington State as of yet, it is now legal to have a ounce of pot in possession, and to light up in the privacy of one’s home. Which is quite interesting. Except for prescribed medical purposes, as of now the only way one can obtain marijuana is through a private dealer, which is illegal, or grow your own, which is also illegal. So right now law enforcement looks on the whole process with a wink. In fact there was a “smoke in” at a registered location, and the police were there handing out free snacks. Who would have believed that just two years ago? Now my readers are probably wondering, What is this old fart blogger leading up to?”

Well, let’s put it this way. I graduated high school in ’64 and was a young adult during the height of the drug culture…and never once did I try drugs of any kind. The biggest reason was, frankly, they scared the hell out of me. They still do, and rightfully so. But what about marijuana?

If you read my past post, The Gift That Just Keeps On Giving-My Wife. you’ll know that a little over a year after my second wife died of cancer I went off the deep end. One of my defiant acts was at the age of 46 I tried marijuana for the first time. By then all the myths about the “dangers” of using pot had scientifically been proven false. Whether it was an inferior batch or what, I felt nothing…nothing. But the second time was quite the opposite. Because I over-compensated after the first try, it hit me like a ton of mind-bending bricks.  I felt out-of-control and paranoid. Of coarse part of that paranoia was probably from being in a strange house far from the security of my own home. That was some 22 years ago, and I have not smoked the stuff since. If I wanted a buzz, my choice was alcohol. At least I could feel it coming and control it.

Now, that leads us to the question of whether the wife and I will try it again now that it’s legal. The answer is, why not? Neither of us are total fossils yet! But it will only be in the security of our own home.

So for all of you out there who are saying, “What are two old farts doing smoking pot?” Hey, it’s now a scientific fact that marijuana relieves aches and pains, and may even slow Alzheimer’s. Those are my excuses and I’m sticking to them! Besides, it might be kind of fun.Then again it all may just be a flash in the pan that doesn’t live up to the hype. I promise, I will keep you posted on what the results are. Until then, peace, love and ppppffffffffttttttt…..far out, man!


7 thoughts on “For Us Old Farts It’s The 60’s All Over Again

    • Can’t wait to write it. We won’t have any retail outlets until around June. And I would need a strong recomendation before I bought it from some private dealer, which I wouldn’t know if he lived next door.

    • I am usually sober, but far from clean. I have a good belt before dinner, or any other convenient excuse I can come up with. Consumed in almost normal quantities I call it my bodily organs preservitive. Loved the song. Very appropriate.

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