A Great Location To Haunt

Knowing that I have always had a fascination with the paranormal and have written past articles on the subject, my daughter-in-law, Tina, called me up a couple of days ago. She had an experience she couldn’t explain that happened to her while taking a guided tour of a vineyard just the day before.

Though a mention was made in the brochure about this vineyard being reportedly haunted, Tina and a girlfriend signed on for the tour simply because they enjoy trying different wines. In the midst of the tour of the aging warehouse Tina had to use the bathroom. So she asked the tour guide where it was located. What he said next somewhat startled her.

“You may want to take someone with you?” the guide said.


“Unexplained things sometimes happen in this warehouse, and the woman’s bathroom seems to have the most activities. In fact our lady employees will not go in there by themselves. If you can wait another fifteen minutes you can use the restroom in the lobby.”

Tina’s girlfriend volunteered to go with her. Then another woman spoke up, saying that her and her daughter needed to use the restroom and would accompany them. “Maybe we might see something,” she added.

It was a large restroom that had a old-looking couch against its wall. After all had taken care of their business, the daughter asked her mother to take a photo of her laying on the couch. The mother held up her phone/camera. But instead of snapping the shot, she lowered the camera, looked around, then raised the camera again, then lowered it again. Tina asked, “Something wrong with your camera?”

The woman then raised the camera again, and said, “Take a look at this.”

Tina and her girlfriend looked into the viewing screen. What they saw was a small white orb randomly moving across the screen, disappearing off one side, only to appear from another. Thinking it might be a house fly, moth, or maybe a large dust particle, they scanned the room. With the naked eye they could see nothing moving whatsoever. But looking through the camera screen this moving spot could be plainly seen. By now all four of them were watching this white spot. Tina said it reminded her of a comet with its trailing tail. Tina asked her to turn the camera toward another location, thinking it might be a camera defect. There was nothing on the screen until she moved it back to the area around and above the couch.

She finally snapped several photos, but the best she got were a couple of photos with a pin-head sized white spot in the picture.

Finally a woman peeked her head in the door and said the tour guide was waiting. They told the guide and the other four people on the tour about their experience. The guide smiled and said that had been reported before. The others in the tour showed no interest in investigating for themselves.

I’m not a big “orb” fan, but this was interesting. If one is going to have the crap scared out of them, I couldn’t think of a better location.


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