Was He From God? You Be The Judge

There was an incident that happened some 20 plus years ago. I thought it might be fitting for this time of the year. I’ll let you be the judge.

My youngest son, Rob, is now 40 years old. When he was about 18 he was involved in a terrible car accident. While pulling out of a side road he and his girlfriend were T-boned by a car traveling far too fast. Because Rob’s side of the car took the brunt of the impact, his injuries were by far the most serious, with his girlfriend’s injuries just being bumps and bruises. Unconcious and in serious condition he was flown by helicoptor to the nearest trauma center. With a swollen brain, and serious internal injuries, he was in a coma. Needless to say, we all spent time at the hospital. The following testimony took place three days after Rob was admitted, and still in a coma.

Joey, the 14 year old brother of Rob’s girlfriend had spent the night at the hospital, and was sitting on a bench at the end of the hallway outside of Rob’s room. With his head in his hands, Joeys said he was just sitting there, totally bored. He said he was suddenly jarred to reality by the feeling of movement on his bench. He looked to his side only to see the tennis shoes and lower legs of someone standing on the bench he was seated at. His eyes then rose up to see a man staring down at him. Joey said he was a black man, and was wearing matching jogging style sweat pants and shirt which were silverish grey in color. His first thought was he must be a mental case. Who else would stand on a bench and stare at him? Because of his imposing size, which was well over 6 feet tall, Joey was a little scared.

“Why are you here?” the man finally asked, never taking his eyes off of him.

“Ah, my friend was in a car accident, and he isn’t doing very well,” Joey weakly replied.

Joey said the man never once smiled, or really showed any feelings whatsoever. “Do not worry,” the man said, “He will be fine.”

“Who are you?” Joey asked.

“I am the keeper of the keys.”

The moment he said that he stepped down off the bench and opened a door to their immediate right which went down to the patio below. After the door had closed behind him, Joey stood up and looked out the window to the patio to watch this strange man when he walked out….He never appeared. After a minute or so Joey opened the door to the stairway and looked down. There was no one there. And there was no other exit but the patio.

A couple of hours later my oldest son, Rick, went to the hospital. Eventually he and Joey met up. It was then that Joey told him about the encounter with this man. Rick immediately asked for a description. Joey told him. Rick then asked him when was it that he saw this man, which Joey said was somewhere around 8:30 that morning.

“I saw the same man,” Rick said, “and it had to have been about the same time, because he walked up to me while I was getting gas in town before coming here.”

Rick then related his story.

Rick pulled into the convenient store in the small town where they were raised and still lived. He needed gas before making the 40 mile drive to the hospital. While filling up, a friend pulled in. Like any little town, everyone knows everyone and what goes on. He asked how Rob was doing. Rick told him that the last he heard his brother was still in a coma. Giving his best wishes, the friend then drove off. It was then that this black man approached him, seeming to come out of nowhere. Rick was startled and turned when the words came from behind him.

“Do not worry. Your brother will be fine.”

Being someone he knew didn’t live in their communtiy, he asked, “Do you know Rob?”

When the man didn’t reply, Rick asked again. “Who are you?”

“I am the keeper of the keys.” The moment he said that he walked toward the store. Rick said he watched him walk through the store’s door, past the check out counter and watched the top of his head as he walked between the rows of merchandise. Because he figured he was a stranger just passing through town, he scanned the area for his vehicle. There were no other vehicles in the parking lot.

After his tank was filled he walked in the store. The bell made its friendly chime as he opened the door. There he saw the girl behind the counter, someone he had graduated high school with. Rick looked around, peaking behind the three rows of goods.

“You looking for something, Rick?” she finally asked.

“Where did that guy go who just came in?”

“What guy?”

“That big black guy.”

“No one’s came in here,” she replied.

Rick persisted. “You couldn’t have missed him. He was a big guy. Were you in the back room for a while?”

“Rick,” she shot back. “I’ve been standing here reading this book, and you’re the first customer in the past fifteen minutes.”

Rick decided he had better leave it at that before the whole town heard he might be a nut case.

The end of the story is, this stranger was never seen again. And after eight days Rob came out of the coma. I wish I can go on to say Rob became a deeply religious person, serving whatever purpose his saved life might have held, but that is not the case. He is still pretty much the same person he was at eighteen; a sometimes pain in the ass. He has since been involved in another car accident while someone else was driving, and they were both intoxicated. That accident caused fractures to one leg that, after three surgeries, may be irreparable. For that reason, at 40 years old, he is unemployed, and lives with his mother. So, at least as of yet, this is not an angelic ending, and certainly not a testimony to why this “keeper of the keys” made his presence known.

I would love to hear any input my followers may have. Tell me what you think. Who is “The Keeper Of The Key?” And what could that mean? I don’t have the slightest…..


4 thoughts on “Was He From God? You Be The Judge

  1. I don’t have any answers for you but the story gave me chills! I hope you had wonderful holidays. Always fun with grand kids! 😉

    • Yeah, pretty amazing. Back in the 70’s one of my publishers was a paranormal magazine. I’m now thinking of posting some of those testimonies I collected first hand from either people I personally know, and/or close friends of theirs. Anyway, I also wish you and your family a happy and prosperous New Year also.

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