The Arrogance Of The Human Race

I just finished reading one of my favorite blogs, Chocolate Vent. She was speaking of the big deal being made of Global Warming. I began a response, but found my answer to be far too long to be written there. So I’m am posting my own thoughts concerning the subject.

All one has to do is read the headlines of a newspaper. THE WORLD’S WEATHER IS CHANGING! OUR POLAR CAPS ARE MELTING! OUR OCEANS ARE RISING! DROUGHTS ARE EVERYWHERE! THERE IS AN INCREASE AND SIZE IN CYCLONES, TORNADOES, HURRICANES! And everything is because of that damnable plague from the depths of hell called…Global Warming. I am beginning to believe if there is a spike in anything, it’s being caused by global warming. Why are you so grouchy today? I think it may be that damned global warming!

I have lived here in the Pacific Northwest of the United States all my life, and I’m looking around, “What the hell are they talking about? Everything looks fine to me. Hey, we are having record crops. Oh, sorry. Is global warming blessing us, and cursing you?” I don’t know what to say.

Believe me, I am not an ostrich with its head in the ground. Yes, our industrial lifestyle is mostly the cause, especially among countries that don’t give a rip, such as China belching out thick smoke from coal furnaces. But let’s face it folks, the far-in-the-past drastic climatic changes of this earth were obviously caused by something. It’s a known and proven fact that our deserts were once tropical jungles. Our lush forests were once covered by hundreds of feet of ice. Mountain ranges were once vast oceans. But there is a huge difference between today and those changes made millions and billions of years ago…The human race had absolutely nothing to do with it! NOTHING!!! The only difference between now and then is now we have a few more trillion people on the earth being effected,not to mention doing the effecting. And we now have the technology to make these changes known world wide.

The climate changes of our earth were not drastic. It took millions of years. Back then the inhabitants of earth didn’t know an Ozone Layer from a hair on their ass. And the damage done to that mystical ozone layer by some spray-can of  God-only-knows-what wasn’t even a thought. But we, in our superior arrogance, believe we can reverse climatic changes in our life time. Aren’t we special!

I will end my very humble and ignorant post by saying, the bible says something that is quite prophetic. “The day will come that man will worship the creation more than the Creator.” I love living on this earth, but I refuse to call it “Mother Earth.” Does anyone out there get my drift? I hope so. When it comes to the cycle of this earth, we are a pimple on the expanse of time’s ass. I’ll just look to the Creator and hope for the best. Amen!


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