It’s Time To Decorate. Crap!!!

If you haven’t already noticed, this holiday season I’ve decided to reblog past seasonal posts. Hey, if I have to drag out the friggin’ Christmas decorations every year, why not drag out my past post on the subject? And back then I only had five followers of my blog. But now that that number has had a year to skyrocket to seven, I figured, why not? For the five who have already read this post, I once heard it said that a poorly written story seems better the more times its read. For my two new followers, I hope you enjoy. So here are my thoughts concerning Christmas decorating. Christmas Decorating And Other Forms Of Misery.


4 thoughts on “It’s Time To Decorate. Crap!!!

  1. Well, I may have exaggerated a little, which I have a habit of doing. But thank you for the compliment. Now that I’m no longer writing for publishers, compliments are the only paycheck I get.

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