A Christmas Gift For The Wife-A Husband’s Worst Nightmare

Well, today is Thanksgiving. And that means the countdown to Christmas will begin tomorrow. Though I refuse to venture anywhere near a store on Black Friday, not longer after I will begin my courageous yet futile attempt at figuring out what to buy for the wife. Though every male involved in a relationship knows exactly what I’m talking about, for those young men who have yet to experience this yearly ritual between man and woman, please read my past post, The Pressures Of The Christmas Gift For The Wife. And, I might add, this post could be a reminder for the ladies to please, please give your husband or boyfriend a well written and concise list of Christmas gifts in the order of importance. If you do not then reading the above story will show you the consequences.


2 thoughts on “A Christmas Gift For The Wife-A Husband’s Worst Nightmare

  1. I will venturing out tonight at midnight for my first black friday. I should take the hint that it is going to be INSANE because no one will go with me! I will be venturing out into the bitter cold, alone, in a crowded shopping place, with crazy deal shoppers, all alone. I am looking forward to this adventure! I already have it planned out; if I get in a position I will have a psychotic fit in public (why not use my bipolar diagnosis to my advantage?) or yell “I gotta puke, gain way!”…. This all plays out well in my head. Not so sure it will play out well in real life. 🙂

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