A Tribute To Darold Twingley-Just Lookin’ For Frogs

As I said in my last post dedicated to him, my friend from childhood, “Darold Twingley” passed away. As all my characters used in passed published articles, their names are fictitious, but the people themselves were very real. “Darold” and “Harley Twingley” were brothers who lived within our little town. I lived in the outlying country. But through school we became friends; a friendship that got me in trouble more times than I care to recollect. It always amazed me that they actually grew up, married, had children and lived law abiding lives. I would have bet anything that their next photos after graduating high school would have been a front and side profile at the University of Walla Walla State Penitentiary. And if not on their own, I’m quite sure if it were possible the teachers and surrounding community would have chipped together for a scholarship to have them sent there. The only way I can describe my dim outlook on their future was, “Darold” and “Harley” came up with so many ideas that got them in trouble, they simply couldn’t use them all up. For that reason they shared the remainder with other kids, me being one of their favorite recipients. This is my second post dedicated to “Darold.” This is for you, buddy. “Just Lookin’ For Frogs.”


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