One Man’s Perspective On Life

Well, today is my 68th year on this earth. Dear Lord it seems like just yesterday that I looked at someone who was that old as being only a couple perilous steps from death’s abyss. But now that I’ve pulled up to the curb of this age, the neighborhood doesn’t look near as bad as I thought it would. Bottom line, for me, life is good.

I’m fortunate to have been blessed with good health. The only time I’ve ever took up residency in a hospital was when I had my appendix out at 17, and a melanoma removed three years ago. I only take four daily pills; one for an inactive thyroid, one for blood pressure, one for cholesterol, and an aspirin for the heart. Not too bad for someone whom my grandkids believe should be mummified.

I would not want to live my life over. I know. That even sounds strange to me, but it’s true. Though I had many good memories in my past, I’ve also had my share of blindsiders, none of which I would wish on anyone. And they at least level the scales of my choices. For instance, I certainly love the hell out of being retired. I miss getting up at dark o’clock five days a week like I would miss an angry skin boil on the area I sit on. Another example is my lunching fee at my favorite reservoir which is $15.00. The senior rate is $5.00. That in itself, in my prospective, was worth getting old for.

I have never been one to learn ways to lengthen my life. In all the people I have seen pass the century mark in age, not one was into exercising. Eating right, yes, on occasion. But many who gave their testimony said it was nothing more than a positive outlook on life. My first wife who I have been happily divorced from for some 30 years was a worrier. She made mountains out of every mole hill, which she does to this day. God’s honest truth; though she is five years younger than me, she now looks 20 years older, and has far more medical issues than any four people should have. Sorry, I have to say it. “What goes around, comes around.” It may be a cop out to doing something strenuous, but I’ll take living a mellow, “the hell with worries,” life style over exercise any day. It seems peace of mind is a wonderful gift not given to everyone.

If you haven’t read my post, My Observations On Jogging, I strongly recommend you read it. By watching other people it quite candidly gives my thoughts concerning exercise.

I did quit smoking. After many years of engaging in this ritual I finally learned my lungs are a fickled pair of organs. One moment they’re screaming for the invasion of tobacco smoke, the next they’re coughing and gagging their protests. So I finally made the decision to cut off the former to stop the latter. And then of course there is that gibberish the surgeon general finds necessary to print on each pack. My drinking, well, I’ve almost cut it down to that of a normal person. I know. Maybe your idea of what is normal is not the same as mine. But this is my post, not your’s, so shush!

I still pretty much eat what I want to. After all, I take one Lypetor a day for cholesterol. Like the commercial says, “When diet and exercise are not enough, take Lypetor.” Of course I don’t diet or exercise, but I prefer to believe that the Lypetor will take up the slack. Anyway, my idea of a balanced meal is making certain the potatoes on one side of the plate doesn’t out-weigh the meat on the other.

I know that tomorrow I may keel over from a heart that finally screams, “Enough is enough!” But until then, I am quite content. And to be honest, I am ready for what lays beyond that “Great Abyss.” I really am. Who knows. Maybe that’s what makes my life at this age so great. Like I said earlier, “Peace of mind is a wonderful gift.”


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