Deja Vu All Over Again

On my birthday my family, bless their hearts, chipped in and paid for an all-expenses-paid guided fishing trip. The only problem, it’s a fly fishing trip. You must understand, I know as much about fly fishing as I do astrophysics. But I smiled graciously. The moment we were back home, I cornered Maxine.

“Why didn’t you stop them?” I asked.

She knew exactly what I was talking about without me going into detail. “They had already made the purchase,” she replied. “And I didn’t have the heart to say anything.”

I gave a slow shake of the head. “This is not going to be pretty.”

Maxine gave a resigned sigh. “I know. Let’s just say a prayer for the poor soul who will be your guide.”

Several years before I went on a all-expense-paid fly fishing trip to Canada. Unlike this guided fishing trip, this trip to Canada came about in a different way. To understand what I’m talking about, please make the journey back to my last guided fly fishing trip.


2 thoughts on “Deja Vu All Over Again

  1. My friend I just had to re-blog that story about your visit to Canada. I’m writing this comment with eyes blurred with tears. I’m due to go into hospital on Thursday and I was a little concerned, but now I just don’t care! Thanks mate, a good old fashioned belly laugh.

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