A Testimony Dedicated To The Meaning Of Easter

I have always said, there are two topics I will never bring up at a get-together with others. Politics and religion. And that promise holds true with my blog. But, with Easter approaching, I am going to make this one and only acception. If someone is offended, I’m sorry. For that reason, let me attempt to put this post in perspective. If you were to receive the most wonderful gift you have ever gotten, would you  not show it to everyone you know? Of course you would. Well, I’m going to show my readers the most wonderful gift I have ever received.

I accepted Jesus Christ into my life back in my late twenty’s. I am now 67. And I will be the first to admit, it’s been an up and down relationship. I had one wife who I loved beyond comprehension die of cancer at the age of 45. Without going into details, I went off the moral deep end, adding mid-life crisis may have been a factor.  But that is not to say I did not believe in the existence of a loving God. But during this time I simply lost perspective. And I say this beyond the spectrum of blind faith. Many years before her death I had an experience that will live with me forever.

I had gone to bed. My wife decided to stay up and knit for a while. Laying on my back in bed alone, I began my nightly prayer. (Some people believe the correct way to pray is on the knees, but all I can say is, sorry.) Anyway, I was not praying for anything out of the ordinary; just my wife and children, and myself, of course, and anything else that came to mind. Bottom line, nothing that was going to shake the spiritual world. And I certainly wasn’t praying for some sort of sign to bolster my faith. I was doing quite well at the time. But in the midst of praying I suddenly became aware of a presence to the right side of my bed.

How I knew somebody was there, I don’t have the slightest. All I know is I stopped my prayer and turned my head in that direction. The room was dark, with the wall barely visible. But there was a presents there so real it was as if it was on the very edge of being visible. Without even thinking it, I said, “Is that you, Lord?” The moment I said that, the presents rose and slowly came to a location which was right over the top of me, maybe four feet above. How do I know that? Don’t ask me. All I know is I followed it with my eyes all the way to its above-me location.

Once there, a tingling sensation began in the center of my stomach and slowly spread through my body. It was the most wonderful sensation I had ever felt. When finished I remember this unbelievable feeling filling my body so completely that I felt it in the tips of my ears, the tips of my toes and tips of my fingers. All the time my mind was racing. What was going on? Am about to die? Whatever it was, I didn’t want it to ever end. And then He spoke, His words totally overriding what I was thinking at the moment. Just like His visibility, His words were so real it was as if they were on the very edge of physically being heard. There was no doubt they were unmistakably clear.

What He said was not an earth-shattering message. They were three simple and very short sentences that any Sunday School child could understand. “You are my child.” “I love you.” I will never leave you.”

When He spoke these words, they came from Him like water coming out of a shower head, falling around and through me. How do I know? Just like the rest, I could almost see the words coming like water in these three short waves. With each wave my body seemed to lift to receive them. And the most amazing aspect of this experience was when the words passed through me. For that instant I understood those words to their ultimate meaning. They weren’t just words. Each word was alive, a living and breathing part of Him. Needless to say, the word “love” is the one word that stood out. When the word “love” passed through me, for that instant I knew “God love.”

We believe we know the feeling of love. We love our parents, our spouses, and, above all, our children. But I don’t care how deep one’s love might be, I can say without a doubt our love compared to God’s love for us is like a cup of water tossed into a lake. No exaggeration!

The whole experience lasted maybe five minutes. To be honest, I don’t have the slightest. But within a half minute of the last sentence being spoken, I could sense His presents beginning to fade. And in the same way, the wondrous feeling in my body faded. And then it was over, leaving me laying there in the darkness in absolute and total awe.

Why He chose to do what He did, I don’t know. Maybe he knew what was going to happen to my wife, and what my reaction would be. I know after her death my change in life style was certainly enough for Him to leave me. But He promised me he wouldn’t. And, guess what, He didn’t.

Or maybe this message is for someone one out there in WordPress land. If one believes themselves, or someone they know is a lost cause, just try to believe in the depths of God’s love, patients, and forgiveness. It is so much more than what our mortal minds can comprehend. After all, He loved you so much He actually went through the mind-boggling torture of being nailed to a cross. For an instant I was given the privileged of knowing the depths of that love. All I know, with Easter coming up, I did what I promised I would do. May your life and yours be well….


4 thoughts on “A Testimony Dedicated To The Meaning Of Easter

  1. Hey Richard, Good story. Im glad to see you publish it. I too have had an experience with Christ. Nothing visible, but very real just the same. Happy Easter to you and yours.

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