The Art Of Levitating-Part 1

Somewhere around the age of twelve my parents took me to see a well-known magician. The last and supposedly most impressive act was a woman lying in the prone position while being slowly levitated. The magician slid a chrome ring around her, giving the illusion nothing was holding her in mid air but his magical powers. I groaned my disappointment. “What’s so great about that!” I hissed to my mother. When in a theater, or any public place for that matter, my mother always kept one arm draped across the back of my chair in case a quick cuff to the head was called for. This occasion was no exception. While my brain settled back to its original location I gave her my patented scowl.

All I was trying to do was make a point that put in the right situation I could not only levitate, I could defy all laws of physics without any trickery whatsoever. In fact every kid I knew could do it, which was witnessed on numerous occasions.

What situation you might be asking? Well, even if you’re not asking I’m going to tell you anyway. Anything scary. A case in point. Back then you could have put me on the same stage as the magician, then thrown a snake under my feet. Not only would I have instantly levitated. I would have hovered over the entire audience while doing a combination watusi and can can. And all the while screaming like a little girl. In fact, just pointing at my feet and saying, “What’s that?” could levitate me three feet, and move me a few feet to the side before setting me down. Once more, screaming like a little girl.

From an early age to well into our teens my cronies and I were always trying to see how high we could levitate each other, or anyone else for that matter. Like the time Darold and I slipped a fully grown bullfrog into his brother Harley’s sleeping bag. We then turned in for the night, our ears cocked for the first sounds. Everything was quiet for a long while, obviously revealing that the bullfrog was not that enthused about playing a part in our scheme. But when we heard Harley cut loose with one of his obnoxious and fowl smelling flutterings of gas we knew it would only be a matter of time. Neither man nor beast could survive in the same confined area without finding fresh air. Harley suddenly felt something cold against his bare leg. He then mumbled a half sentence. “What the…” Then came a low wail, sounding something like a tom cat bawling off in the distance, but quickly grew in both volume and pitch. As the decimal count rose so did Harley and his sleeping bag. At a height of about two feet Harley evacuated the sleeping bag in a fashion similar to that of a man being shot out of a cannon, with a gagging and coughing bullfrog staggering out not long after. Harley ricocheted off two trees and a stump before stopping to look around for his wits. To our total delight it required some time for him to find and gather them back together. Not only was it highly entertaining to see the combination of Harley and sleeping bag levitating, but to see such horizontal speed in such a short distance made for laughs that lasted well into the night. And when it came to a good laugh, the thought of physical injury never entered our little minds. But a cursing and threatening victim of one night would be the same person playing a role in levitating someone else the next.

To Be Continued-Part 2


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