Caught With A Hand In The Cookie Bag

My Aunt Linda, who is my late mother’s sister, lives in St. Louis. A few years back she flew out to visit my mother and the rest of us. When she arrived, of course, the first thing we asked was, “How was the flight?”

“You’ll never guess what happened to me in a million years!” she replied.

Needless to say she had our attention. She went on to describe the following story:

Apon arrival at the airport she found that her flight had been delayed two hours. Killing time, she strolled around the gift shop. There she saw a cookie shop. She bought a large bag and put them in her tote bag. She also purchased a newspaper to read while she waited.

After finding a seat, she sat down, put her tote bag beside her and opened the newspaper to begin reading. After a moment she heard someone sit down beside her. Peering over her paper she saw a little boy about 10 to 12 years old. She went back to her paper.

When she first heard the crackle of cellophane she didn’t give it much thought. But finally she peeked over her paper. And much to her disbelief saw the little boy eating from her bag of cookies. At first she was shocked that he would be so rude as to take the bag of cookies out of her tote bag, little boy or no little boy. With others around she didn’t want to create a scene with a little boy, but she thought, “Well, I’m going to make dang sure I get my share!”

She grabbed one of the cookies and began eating. The little boy gave her a startled look. He then shoved the rest of the cookie in his mouth and grabbed another. With neither speaking, she grabbed another. With each cookie grabbed the eating became faster, finally reaching the point where both were literally wolfing them down. Both were determined to eat more than the other.

Finally when the last cookie was gone, my Aunt gave him a cold stare as he meekly stood up and walked away. She slowly shook her head in disbelief and went back to reading her paper. Finally her flight number was called and she boarded the plane. After sitting down, she reached into her tote bag to pull out a paperback book to read during the long flight. The moment she shoved her hand in she heard the crackle of cellophane. Her eyes widened when she realized what she was feeling. Her bag of cookies had slid from the top of her tote bag’s contents down toward the bottom. The bag of cookies she had been wolfing down belonged to the little boy.


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