Out Goes The Old And In Comes The Old

Well, today my wife and I went through the year-end ritual of taking down the Christmas decorations, replacing them with the decorations that were quite contentedly adorning the same areas just three weeks before. Crazy! With both our bodies screaming their protests, five hours later we finished. I continue to promise myself that next year I will come up with an alternative decorating plan so wonderfully appealing that even my wife will not find a logical reason to turn it down. But that will never happen. My only satisfaction, which is not much, is that the task is just as miserable for her as it is for myself. And now comes New Year’s Eve.

As I said in my post, Limping In The New Year, we no longer do parties. Tonight the only festive bells and whistles I will hear is the sound of a slot machine announcing a huge payout on the machine  I just left two minutes ago. And then after a couple hours of donating to our Native American casino, we’ll come home and watch a movie. Sorry, that’s about as exciting as it’s going to get. And I would have it no other way. Long since past are the nights of bringing in the new year with fellow drunks, blowing horns in each other’s ear and celebrating a new year that will most likely be no different than the past year, not to mention my brain throbbing its protests the following morning. Been there, done that, and good riddance, thank you. If that is considered boring, please pass me a second helping.

I will say life has been its most enjoyable in last few years. At 67 years old, to a younger person, that might sound strange. Hell, that even sounds a little strange to me. But it’s true. My kids and all their adolescent problems are gone. Being retired I no longer have to get up at dark 0’clock in the morning and go to work. I can rise whenever I damned well please. Other than the visits of grandchildren, the house is quiet and very comfortably ritualistic. The wife and I rise, have coffee and read the newspaper, I make breakfast. Then the day is filled with whatever strikes our fancy.

I, for one, would not want to live my life over again. Well, maybe if I could make the changes necessary to make it better. But most likely I would just make other poor judgment calls to replace the originals of my past. Though there were good times, there were other experiences in my life that were not very pleasant. For instance, I would not want to relive the bullying I experienced in school. There were a couple relationships I could have did without. Uncle Sam’s paid vacation to Viet Nam was not a pleasant memory, not to mention the military in general.  I had one wife die of cancer. That certainly was something I would not want to live over again. And there were other life experiences, all adding up to me being quite happy without reliving my past, just for the sake of youth. Besides, wishing will never add one day to my life anyway.

So, yes, I am quite content where I am in my life. I have been blessed with a healthy body. And though I hope I have many healthy years remaining, if I should be taken home to my Lord tomorrow, I am spiritually ready. I wish there were more people my age who had the peace of mind to say that. I really do.

To me the new year should not begin in the dead of winter. Spring should be the beginning of the calendar new year. It is by far my favorite time. Truly all of nature jubilantly proclaims a new birth. Maybe I’ll blow a horn then…Nah, I’ll just go fishing. Now that’s my kind of celebrating!


6 thoughts on “Out Goes The Old And In Comes The Old

  1. Greetings Earthlings…
    I wish you all the very best…May every reasonable dream come true for you (and maybe some unreasonable ones also)…This being said, I want you to look once into the sky, envision the universe you see and know that I am also in t dream ehis world looking at the same…I agree with avoiding the morning headaches….. !!!


    p.s. I’ve been thinking on my own service and looking back it seems more of a strange dream to me now, glad I woke up!!!

  2. Great stuff Richard. And before I forget, please let me thank you for your service to our country. Vietnam was a rotten deal, and I have a special place in my heart for veterans…especially veterans of that war. Thank you sir. Thank you for the great posts that you write as well. I really enjoy them

  3. Nice stuff! Thank you to your service to our country! I’m so glad you and your wife are thoroughly enjoying retirement and good health! Maybe good things continue to happen for you in the New Year!

    • I’m so glad you found the post too! I really enjoy your writing! I’m looking forward to reading some archives as soon as I can!

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